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Complete monoprotein pet food for mature cats of over 7 years of age

Brand: Trainer

Line: Fitness Trainer

It’s an integrated food with functional ingredients able to assist the general well-being of your cat. The addition of pork as the only source of protein of animal origin and buckwheat as the only scarcely familiar source of carbohydrates makes it particularly recommended for animal’s with a propensity for food hypersensitivity. The addition of Pomega 3® (100% apple plant Omega 3 fatty acids) assists the health of your animal’s skin and the softness of its fur coat. The dry broccoli extract and the F.O.S. help improve the composition of intestinal microflora and reduce bad odors. The antioxidants of the Applezin® apple extract and the reduced content of protein, phosphorous and sodium helps preserve the functioning of the urinary system.


Buckwheat (45%), dehydrated pork meat (30%), maize oil (10%), salt, F.O.S. (Fructo-oligosaccharides 0,3%), broccoli (0,03%). Also contains: powdered cellulose, DL-methionine, Taurine (0,2%), chloride choline (0,2%), L-lysine, pineapple extracts (0,1%), Omega 6 fatty acids (5,5%), Omega 3 fatty acids (0,5%), apple extract (Pomega 3®/Applezin® 0,004%).


Moisture 8,00%, Crude protein 27,00%, Crude oils and fats 17,00%, Crude fibres 2,50%, Crude ash 6,00%, Calcium 0,80%, Phosphorus 0,50%, Magnesium 0,06%, Sodium 0,25%.


Vitamin A 23.000 U.I., Vitamin D3 1.550 U.I., Vitamin E (alphatocofenol 91%) 400 mg, Copper (Copper sulphate) 6 mg.