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Personal Trainer BABY MILK (0 - 2 MONTHS)

Complete milk replacer pet food for puppies and kittens

Brand: Trainer

Line: Personal Trainer

Baby milk is a complete powdered nursing pet food, which is suitable for the nutrition of puppies and kittens, in substitution of, or integration with the mother’s milk, in the case of litters which need additional nutritional support.

This pet food guarantees the intake of the principal nutritional substances indispensable for growth: namely proteins, fats, vitamin A, vitamin E, taurine and lysine. Its elevated palatability and digestive tolerance encourages consumption and helps improve the intestinal functioning in the first delicate weeks of life.

It can also be used to favour the weaning of the little one, sprinkled over moistened kibbles. Its formulation makes it suitable as a food integration support for the bitch/queen during the last period of pregnancy and during lactation, or for subjects which are particularly debilitated.


Skimmed milk powder, lard, whey protein powder, whey powder, palm oil, copra oil, soya protein concentrate, bovine colostrum powder 2%, wheat flour, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, wheat starch.


Nutritional additives: vitamin A 42.500 UI/kg, vitamin D3 1.300 UI/kg, vitamin E 208 mg/kg, vitamin B1 28,6 mg/kg, vitamin B2 44 mg/kg, vitamin B5 78 mg/kg, vitamin B6 20 mg/kg, vitamin B9 4,4 mg/kg, vitamin B12 0,4 mg/kg, vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) 13 mg/kg, vitamin K3 1,0 mg/kg, vitamin PP 215 mg/kg, biotin 1,4 mg/kg, taurine 2.600 mg/kg, ferrous chelate of glycine hydrate (iron) 813 mg/kg, cupric chelate of glycine hydrate (copper) 81,3 mg/kg, zinc sulphate, monohydrate (zinc) 668 mg/kg, manganous sulphate monohydrate (manganese) 243 mg/kg, calcium iodate anhydrous (iodine) 6,1 mg/kg, basic cobaltous carbonate (cobalt) 1,0 mg/kg, sodium selenite (selenium) 39 mg/kg. With antioxidants.


Moisture 5,00%, Crude protein 30,00%, Crude oils and fats 25,00%, Crude fibre 0,10%, Crude ash 9,50%, Calcium 1,20%, Phosphorus 0,80%, Sodium 0,40%, Lysine 2,40%, Methionine 0,95%, Methionine + cystine 1,20%.